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Zeocel Italia, the zeolite specialists


Zeocel Italia, a brand of DND Biotech, was born in 2019 and is dedicated to the technical development of products based on natural zeolite, their production and subsequent marketing. Zeocel, part of ZeoGroup with different location such as in Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Portugal, has been active in the zeolite market for over 20 years.


The world and its ecosystems are not heading in the right direction. We see more and more imbalances of all kinds, global warming, famine, soil depletion. We must remedy! We are convinced that we have to work with and for the communities, farmers and ranchers, to ensure that we return to placing the soil, intended as a resource and not as a simple substrate on which to cultivate or raise, at the center of priorities. We believe in a future in which agriculture and nutrition will be healthy and sustainable, recognizing the essential role of the earth.


Promote the development and marketing of bio-based and zeo-based products and services to protect the environment, agricultural soils, water and public health. Developing high technical knowledge within the work team and turning them into an important strength.


Cosimo Masini - Zeocel Italia

Cosimo Masini

CEO & Founder

Giulio Giannardi - Zeocel Italia

Francesco Panattoni


Marco Allemandi - Zeocel Italia

Marianna Tardani


Beatriz Cano - Zeocel Italia

Federica Brogioli


Fabio Filippi - Zeocel Italia

Alessandro Capo

Sales for Filtration & Industry

Livia Pappalettere - Zeocel Italia

Erwan Goulian

Sales representative for France

Beatriz Cano - Zeocel Italia

Aurora Bellandi


Fabio Filippi - Zeocel Italia

Burak Anadolu

Sales representative for Türkiye