What are zeolites?

Zeolites are low-cost, eco-friendly natural minerals with excellent adsorption capabilities. These aluminosilicate minerals have a symmetrical crystalline structure that forms a porous, open three-dimensional structure. Due to their cation exchange capacity and molecular sieve properties, natural zeolites are widely used as adsorbents in wastewater treatments.

What are the contaminants that can be removed from water with zeolite?

Our natural zeolites Zeowater ZN and Zeowater ZNAV are mainly used for removal of ammonium, manganese, iron, suspended solids, and apparent color.
Zeocel Italia also has enriched natural zeolites, suitable for removing some heavy metals, arsenic, chromium, nitrates, and phosphates.

How can I identify which type of zeolite is best for my application?

Zeocel Italia can supply the type of zeolite suitable for the specific needs of each water to be treated. In addition, we recommend and offer the possibility of performing preliminary tests on the contaminated matrix of interest, which are conducted in our laboratory facilities.
We believe that laboratory testing is essential to identify the most suitable type of zeolite and the optimal operating conditions to achieve the most efficient and effective water filtration strategy for each specific application.



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