Lead in Water

Lead is a heavy metal released into the environment mainly from metal mining and paper and glass companies, but also from forest fires and volcanic eruptions.

Because of its toxicity to the organism and the environment, its measurement and removal from wastewater before discharge is necessary to ensure a clean and healthy environment.

Removal of Lead from Water with Zeolite

Natural zeolite can remove up to 99% of lead in distilled water solution but, in the presence of other cations (tap water), it loses efficiency, and the removal rate is only 60% of lead.

We at Zeocel Italia have designed a chemically modified natural Zeolite, Zeowater ZF, which can selectively remove lead in solution, reducing it by 99.2%* even in the presence of other cations (tap water).

*Data obtained from a water solution containing 500 mg/L of Lead.

Removal of lead in distilled water and tap water sample after treatment with natural zeolite and after treatment with chemically modified natural zeolite (Zeowater ZF). The initial amount of lead in solution is 500 mg/L.


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