Il nostro team di ricerca si focalizza sull’utilizzo e lo sviluppo di zeoliti in ambito filtrazione acque.

Zeolite is a mineral of volcanic origin also called ‘the stone that boils‘: the term zeolite comes from the Greek zein meaning boiling and lithos meaning stone. It possesses high porosity, lightness, high cation exchange capacity (CSC) and high adsorptive and filtering capacity.

In particular, Zeocel Italia’s technical team performs batch and column tests in our specialised facilities and formulates modified zeolites according to customer requirements.

In the laboratory, tests are performed on customer samples to adapt our materials to their needs.
In addition, we offer technical advice to answer specific questions or problems related to water filtration and filter sizing.

Our team is developing chemically modified zeolites to remove emerging contaminants.
Below are a few pictures from our laboratory during new preparations and some industrial effluent filtration tests.