Zeolite: what is it?

Zeolite is a natural mineral of volcanic origin that possesses high porosity, high adsorptive capacity and it is a natural cation exchanger: these characteristics make it an excellent media for water filtration!

Zeolite for water filtration: tests and results

Zeowater ZN is a 100% natural zeolite product for water filtration.
Used to reduce turbiditysuspended solids, and apparent colour, it acts as a molecular sieve, trapping molecules and particles with diameters larger than the size of the zeolite channels.
We at Zeocel Italia recently tested Zeowater ZN in a water pre-treatment system for the protection of reverse osmosis membranes.

Zeowater ZN has reduced more than 85% of fine particles with a size of 5 to 15 microns and all particles with a size larger than 30 microns were eliminated!

Overall, zeolite performed better than sand in the removal of finer particles, providing a longer filter lifetime and a considerable reduction in operating costs (less water consumption).

In addition, Zeowater ZN is an excellent filtering media for the removal of ammonium from wastewaters.
This zeolite is a natural cation exchanger: it releases ions such as sodium and calcium, capturing other cations present in water (e.g., ammonium).
Zeowater ZN can take up to 30 grams of ammonium per kg of zeolite, removing > 98% of ammonium from the water!

In summary, Zeowater ZN brings the following benefits in water filtration:

– It removes suspended solids, apparent colour, and turbidity from water.
– It is highly effective in reducing the silt density index (SDI)
– It is highly efficient in removing ammonium.

What if other contaminants are present in water? Like manganese?

Among our products based on natural zeolite, Zeowater ZNAV gives the best performance in removing manganese from water. Our team tested Zeowater ZNAV on a wastewater sample containing high amounts of ammonium (about 150 mg/L), manganese (about 5 mg/L) and other species such as heavy metals.

Results show that Zeowater ZNAV was able to simultaneously remove 85% of Ammonium and 70% of Manganese.

In addition, heavy metals were also captured and retained by this natural zeolite.

Overall, Zeowater ZNAV can be used to filter wastewaters from:
– Manganese
– Ammonium (up to 15 grams of ammonium per kg of zeolite ZNAV)
– Heavy metals


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