Zeolite for industry

100% natural zeolite clinoptilolite



Micronized zeolite with high ammonia selectivity for biogas plants.


ZEOGAS is used inside the primary fermenter, in the post fermenter, or in other points of the system Yes up to a maximum of 5% by weight of the digestate according to the desired values, in continuous or discontinuous application.


ZEOGAS, added to the system, reduces the NH3 – NH4 peaks common in the start-up phase of the system or caused by incorrect management, providing a useful buffer effect. It improves the performance and the reaction conditions, reducing the time required in the start-up phases of the plants. It reduces the water used by the plants for the management of processes. Reduces odor emissions. By naturally adding Ca and K, they improve the K / Na ratio. Improves the efficiency of biogas production.